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Sustainable Packaging

100% Eco-Friendly.  Paper is FSC certified and partially recycled.  Foam is made from a by-product of the paper making process.  They're also acid-free and won't cause tarnish. 


I hand-fabricate everything except some chains and findings.  This means no casting or duplicates which cause large amounts of waste, energy use and toxic materials.  I embrace old-world techniques and make everything by hand out of wire, sheet or raw metals using mainly hand tools.  I love to fuse metal, and forge rivets so many of my collections are formed by a combination of process and a structural design idea.


I only use natural, undyed pearls.  Cultured pearls are actually good for their environment. The oysters and mussels that make them only thrive in clean environments, plus they clean their environment, making it even nicer than before.  I never use glue or drill through pearls, this also makes them easier to clean and less likely to chip.


I use solid recycled metals including Argentium Silver, 14K and 18K Gold.  100% Nickel and Cadmium Free.  I also reuse my scrap whenever possible to reduce the amount sent back to the refiner.  

ebony wood

The ebony wood I use comes from Lacey-Act compliant mills.  New ebony trees are planted for future generations, and the farmers get fruit trees and other amenities to enrich their lives and provide incentives to keep in compliance with forest regulations. 

ethical gemstones

The natural gemstones I use are all sourced ethically, providing a better life for the miners and ensuring that the environment isn't damaged by the mining process.  I also use lab-grown gemstones, which are sustainably made without the dangers and environmental effects of mining.


I design and hand-make all of my jewelry with regard to comfort and wearability, as well as unique ways to set gems and pearls while catching the light. Since everything is hand fabricated by me (no casting or outsourcing), I'm able to explore different types of designs ranging from industrial styles that combine geometry and precision including kinetic rivet set gems and pearls, to more organic forms born from hammers and fire and their relation to the nature of the material. There's a balance of natural and architectural elements in each piece, with each design influencing the next, creating a cohesive collection between the various styles. Wearability is an important factor in my designs. I want you to be able to enjoy your jewels without worrying about bits catching on fabric or hair. I often go for lighter weight designs so they're comfortable for all day wear, especially earrings! Longevity is also considered, which is one reason why I only use solid metals or wood. I always harden metals so they shouldn't dent if you accidentally drop them on the bathroom floor, and often protect the gems with their settings. I want you to be able to enjoy your jewelry for long enough to pass it on to the next generation.


One benefit of shopping with an independent jewelry designer is that you can easily customize! Please feel free to contact me with any special requests. You can rest assured with guaranteed quality. Everything is hand-fabricated by me, this means that every step of the creation of your jewelry has individual attention to detail, ensuring a quality product that can be loved for a lifetime.

Peruvian Opal Long Layering Necklace

Argentium Silver

Tarnish Resistant!

What is Argentium Silver?  It's a special alloy of silver that's tarnish resistant!  It has more pure silver than sterling, and is harder, brighter, more scratch resistant and hypoallergenic for most people.  It also has antibacterial properties.

Argentium makes a protective layer of white oxide on the surface.  There is an added element, germanium in it, which when heated or exposed to oxygen makes the surface of the metal clean and bright.  The metal builds this layer of protection on its own, and I start it out with the heat of the flame.  Don't worry though, if it's scratched through or polished off, it will rebuild itself!

It's does have copper in it though (for strength), so you still want to avoid things like chlorine which will cause a chemical reaction to happen.

Argentium also fuses beautifully, and allows me to use no flux during the fusing process, simply fire and a charcoal block.  I melt the pieces until the just the surface melts, and bonds with the next piece over.  This creates strong clean bonds, and beautiful lines as well as my signature shimmery matte molten metal texture.  Each time I heat it, the layer of protection is strengthened.  Pieces like my honeycomb collection are fused several times before they become chain links.

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